The team at Agathangelou adhere to an unwritten policy to provide the highest-possible quality of products and services.

The senior management team at Christakis Agathangelou Ltd have established a management system according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 which apply to the entire company, and to all activities related to “Design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of food processing equipment, and assembly, installation and maintenance of their electrical control panels”, which have an impact on the quality of services and client satisfaction. The ambition and commitment of the company is to continuously improve the efficiency of the Management System, based on the following:

  • The review and continuous improvement of the characteristics of its products/services, where possible, as well as the efficiency of its Processes and consequently of the entire Operating System.
  • Defining measurable objectives for quality at the corporate level, at the operational level of Departments and/or Processes as well as for products.
  • The evaluation of these objectives in terms of their level of achievement in the context of the Review of the Operating System by the Management of the company.
  • Allocation of resources to ensure the appropriate infrastructure and the smooth, efficient, and effective operation of each department of the company.
  • Client satisfaction
  • The encouragement, continuous training, information, and education of our staff to promote the quality and safety in each of their activities and to acquire culture and correct behaviour in matters related to Health & Safety.
  • Continuous updating and effort to meet the requirements of applicable legislation, directives, and applicable standards.
  • Provide safe and consistent/high-quality products.
  • Compliance with legislation

This policy is reviewed at regular intervals and is available to all interested parties.

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