In today’s fast-paced world, technology has become a cornerstone in the production of many foods, including the beloved Halloumi/Grilled Cheese. Since 1962, we at Agathangelou have led the field in dairy engineering, consistently at the forefront of innovations that enhance the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of cheese production.

Technology Enhances Production Efficiency

The integration of technology into our Halloumi/Grilled Cheese Production Lines has been a game-changer. By implementing advanced recipe management systems and automated procedures, we can ensure consistent quality and increase production volume without proportionally increasing resource use. This not only optimizes the production process but also significantly reduces waste and downtime, allowing for a more streamlined operation that meets the high standards of today's dairy market.


Advancements in Production Technology

Specific technological advancements, such as our efficient curd-cutting mechanisms and sophisticated brining and cooling systems, have markedly improved the cheese production process. These innovations enable precise control over various production parameters, which leads to better yield, reduced waste, and enhanced product consistency, ensuring that each batch of cheese meets our rigorous quality standards.

Resource Optimization and Waste Reduction

Through the adoption of high-efficiency heating and cooling systems and the mechanization of labour-intensive procedures, our production lines exemplify how technology can lead to improved resource utilization and cost savings. Initiatives like brine reuse and the disinfection system highlight our commitment to minimizing environmental impact while maximizing production efficiency.


Agathangelou Automatic Production Lines for Halloumi/Grilled Cheese

Our automatic production lines for the production of Halloumi/Grilled Cheese, represent the pinnacle of dairy manufacturing technology. Designed for large-scale production, these lines are equipped with the latest innovations such as double-O cheese vats, smart curd handling, and robotic integration. With capacities ranging from 1000 to 3000 kg of cheese per hour, these lines minimise operator intervention, focusing on supervision instead, ensuring high efficiency and productivity. The ability to configure product dimensions and integrate traceability and automatic reporting options demonstrates our commitment to versatility and advanced manufacturing practices.

Continuous Improvement and Market Adaptability

The dairy industry is continuously evolving, driven by changes in consumer preferences and market demands. At Agathangelou, our dedication to flexibility and adaptability, supported by continuous investment in research and development, ensures that we can swiftly respond to these changes, maintaining a competitive edge in the market.


The integration of technology in Halloumi/Grilled Cheese production is about more than automation; it's about ensuring a sustainable future for the dairy industry. At Agathangelou, our blend of innovative engineering solutions with a commitment to quality and efficiency exemplifies the industry's potential. With a history of forward-thinking, we are not just involved in dairy engineering; we are actively shaping the future of food production, demonstrating how tradition and innovation can merge for a more efficient and sustainable approach.